CNC Routers

As the largest producer of shims and laminated shim stock in the world, at Lamsco West, Inc., we use state of the art 3 and 5-axis CNC routing capabilities.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining offers precision production of parts for a range of engineering purposes. While for many industries, 3-axis CNC machining achieves adequate levels of detail and precision, within the aerospace and defense industries, greater detail is often required. 4 and 5-axis machines offer component parts to be produced along horizontal, vertical or perpendicular coordinates. Our CNC routers operate with a bed size of up to 145” x 61”, allowing us to produce a range of routing services.

Quality CNC routing services

We are committed to quality and innovation and, as such, utilize a combination of conventional services alongside more recent technologies to offer clients the best in terms of choice, quality and precision. These CNC router services allow our technicians and engineers to produce a greater complexity of components for a broad range of engineered parts and assemblies.

The use of CADCAM software allows precise designs to be replicated with high levels of accuracy, allowing for optimal repeatability, high tolerances, shortened lead time, and consistent quality and precision.

A flexible approach

By using a Just In Time approach, we are able to streamline the lifecycle of our production processes, delivering time and cost savings to our clients. We ensure that our clients have the goods that they need for production, when they need it, thereby increasing productivity while reducing wastage and inventory costs. 

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