About Us

Lamsco West, Inc. is the largest single manufacturer of detail parts, shims and laminated shim stock in the World.

Based in Santa Clarita, California, Lamsco West, Inc. has a decades deep culture of excellence and customer focus.  Our employees, many of whom have exceptionally long service with us, demonstrate each day their outstanding skills and expertise in delivering outstanding customer solutions.

Lamsco West, Inc. holds many prestigious performance accolades for exemplary quality and delivery ratings.  Our integrated business systems are the most sophisticated in use in the industry today.  We hold approvals from all North American airframe manufacturers and their major tier one suppliers and we thrive in efficiently managing complex, high-volume logistics, including EDI-controlled min/max systems.

Lamsco West, Inc. is proud to be part of Avantus Aerospace, a global World-class provider of Aerospace & Defense C-class parts.

The World's premier Aerospace and Defense manufacturer of shims and detail parts.