3D Printing

As leaders in the production of composite and component parts for the aerospace industry, at Lamsco West, Inc., we embrace innovative technology such as precision 3D printing.
At our facilities in California, we have access to a range of 3D printing technologies, which enable us to produce parts from a range of materials and finishes, delivered to clients across the globe. From one-off prototyping to large-scale production, Lamsco West, Inc’s 3D printing services offer clients flexibility and precision alongside unrivalled quality.

High precision 3D printing services
3D printing is a valuable resource for a range of applications, including the production of replica parts and high-quality prototypes. When it comes to prototyping, precision is key. High precision 3D printing allows for numerous iterations before producing a perfect prototype. In comparison to other prototype manufacturing processes, 3D printing offers numerous advantages including rapid turnaround, trusted quality and reduced assembly time as 3D printing allows for the production of single components with complex geometries, rather than several composite pieces joined together.

Another popular application for 3D printing is for the exact reproduction of replacement parts; particularly in instances where parts may be hard to source. During the maintenance and repair process, worn or broken parts can be scanned, replicated and ready for use.

Custom 3D printing services
At Lamsco West, Inc., our technicians and engineers offer an unrivalled service to clients across the globe. From bulk orders to one-offs, our teams work with clients to meet their specific design and manufacturing needs, from functionality and durability to certification. Our in-house QA processes mean that products are tested at every stage of the production process, which allows us to identify and rectify potential anomalies at the earliest stage, thereby reducing wastage and time lost on the production line. We continually invest in technology, people and resources to enable us to deliver the world-class service for which we are renowned.

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