At Lamsco West, Inc. we possess extensive experience in precision lathe turning, which helps us to meet even the most complex machining needs.
Based in Santa Clarita, California, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of detailed parts, shims and laminated shim stock. We provide ourselves on our outstanding customer service and the unrivalled quality that we deliver, and as such are continually striving for excellence and innovation.

Lathe turning services
When combined with our multi-axis CNC technology our state of the art engineering systems, Lamsco West, Inc’s lathe turning capabilities allow us to make complex components from a range of metals and non-metallic materials. CNC turning involves cutting material on a CNC lathe, also referred to s a live tooling lathe. A CNC lathe machine spins the piece on either a horizontal or vertical axis, which makes CNC lathing a good choice for spherical or cylindrical parts.

The CNC – Computer Numeric Controlled – machine is programmed to rotate a spindle which has the component attached. The workpiece spins against the stationary cutting tool to form the desired shape. Only one cutting tool can be utilized at a time, so if multiple cutting tools are required, it will be necessary to change tools between cutting phases. At Lamsco, we have access to a suite of CNC and conventional lathes for turnings up to 11.5” in diameter.  

Like other CNC production processes, CNC lathes offer high levels of accuracy and repeatability. However, in circumstances where multiple operations are required, technicians may recommend the use of multi-axis turning centers, which allow complex angles and shapes to be formed in a shorter period of time by allowing several simultaneous operations.

A tailored service
At Lamsco West, Inc, we provide a tailored service to all clients, regardless of the size or complexity of their order. Our technicians work closely with clients to determine their needs in terms of performance, lead time, budget and industry requirements. They will then advise on the best solution for each client, including product specifications, materials, production processes and finish, ensuring that every client experiences the service and quality for which we are renowned.

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