Lamsco has an efficient factory with modern equipment, and we continue to invest in optimizing our manufacturing operation. Our State-of-the-art equipment and automated processes provide quality and maximum Value Added to our customers with reduced lead-time.

Our equipment list is extensive and includes CNC Routers, Waterjets, CNC Machining, Lathes, 3D Printing, Presses, Lamination and Ink Jet Printers for parts marking.

Lamsco Lean Sigma System

Lamsco is continually improving the efficiency of its operations by utilizing a systematic approach known as the 'Lamsco Lean System' and the WINS Initiative. We utilize tools and techniques such as: 5s, value stream mapping, one piece flow, set-up reduction, standardized work, motion Kaizen, visual management, error proofng, Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and automation. We focus on waste reduction and lead-time reduction. Lean is also expressed in our premier customer service and in the management of our supply chain.

Our Equipment


Our Equipment list includes:

CNC Routers - Routers with a bed size up to 145" X 61"
Waterjets - Waterjet cutting machines with a bed size of up to 120" x 60"
CNC Machining - Precision 3, 4, and 5 axis Mills for machining of components of up to 120” in length
Lathes - CNC and Conventional Lathes for turnings up to 11.5” in diameter
3D Printing - 3D printing with a bed size of 14" x 14" (For fixtures only)
Presses  - Presses with a bed size of up to 50" x 114"
Lamination - Lamination Machines for sheet fabrication
Identification -  Ink Jet Printers for parts marking

Quality Systems


Digital Inspection Equipment

State-of-the-art advanced digital inspection equipment including CMM, MicroVu, Keyence equipment and a team of experienced Quality Engineers. Lamsco has multiple customer approvals for Self- Delegated Inspection.   

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