Lamsco West, Inc. has an efficient factory with modern equipment, and we continue to invest in optimizing our manufacturing operation. Some of our key equipment is: 
CNC Routers
Routers with a bed size up to 145" X 61"
Waterjet cutting machines with a bed size of up to 120" x 60"
CNC Machining
Precision 3, 4, and 5 axis Mills for machining of components of up to 120” in length
CNC and Conventional Lathes for turnings up to 11.5” in diameter
3D Printing
3D printing with a bed size of 14" x 14" (For fixtures only)
Presses with a bed size of up to 50" x 114"
Lamination Machines for sheet fabrication
Ink Jet Printers for parts marking

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