Brake Press

Our state of the art facility in California boasts cutting edge manufacturing equipment which allows us to offer a world-class service to clients across the globe.
At Lamsco West, Inc., we are committed to investing in our people, resources and technology so that we may offer the best parts manufacturing service in the industry. This includes a range of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) capabilities, including CNC press braking.

World class CNC brake press services
CNC press brake machines can be programmed to form and bend materials to a precise shape dictated by predetermined data. Our cutting edge CNC press brake machines and skilled technicians are able to utilize an array of dies, allowing for the formation of a range of shapes precision formed from materials up to a maximum of 2m in size.

CNC brake press manufacturing is widely used in the aerospace industry as the computerized technology enables exact replication of designs for production runs of all scales, meaning that precision is not compromised for larger scale orders. Our CNC capabilities include multi-axis, computer-controlled back gauges, which configure real-time information and allow for precise adjustments to be made, thereby offering outstanding levels of precision.

In-house quality assurance
Our in-house QA processes allow us to identify and rectify potential issues at the earliest possible stage in the production process, thereby reducing stoppage and wastage time and allowing us to deliver products direct to the production line or warehouse, secure in the knowledge that they are made to exact specifications.

A world-class service
From our state of the art facilities in California, our technicians and engineers collaborate closely with clients to ensure that their requirements are met. From specifications such as size and finish to selection of the right material to withstand extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, exposure to UV light or chemicals, our skilled technicians possess the experience, technology and resources to make recommendations based on each client’s needs, without compromise.

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