Sheet Metal Shearing

With unrivalled experience in manufacturing detailed parts and components suitable for use within the aerospace industry, at Lamsco West, Inc. we offer a spectrum of services, including metal shearing.
With access to a broad range of technologies within our state-of-the-art facilities, our technicians are able to utilize a range of metal cutting techniques, each of with is carefully selected with consideration to the material itself, the impact of the process on the material’s properties, and the level of detail and finish required for optimum performance. If high levels of intricacy is required, waterjet cutting is often a preferred choice as it offers accuracy without impacting the properties of the material. However, in processes where efficiency and precision are required in mass productions, metal shearing is usually a suitable choice.

Metal shearing
Shearing is a term used to describe a process that takes place when the parallel surfaces inside an object slide past each other, resulting in a break, usually as the result of opposite external forces on both sides of the object. Also known as die cutting, sheet metal shearing is a process that has been widely used throughout the history of aerospace engineering.

A shear comprises of two working parts – a moving blade, known as the punch, and a fixed blade – the die. The punch pushes the metal against the die until the parts are separated and clearance is achieved. The use of different shaped punches and dies allows for different cuts to be made.
As well as allowing for mass cutting, sheet metal shearing eliminates the need to burn or melt the metal, thereby preserving its properties. However, because it produces a slightly uneven cut, it is not usually selected where fine cuts or detailed designs are needed.
At Lamsco West, Inc., we continually invest in technology, allowing our skilled teams to advise on production processes based on suitability over necessity. With access to a range of CNC machines, including presses with a bed size of up to 50” x 114”, we are able to fulfil our customers’ needs while upholding the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

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