4 Axis Machining

At Lamsco West, Inc. we are proud of our extensive capabilities in the production of shims and detailed parts, including 4-axis machining.
In the aerospace and defense industries, there is no space for compromise. Precision is critical and the overall performance of the final construction is dependent on the high quality of every component part. With access to a host of state of the art technology including 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines, our technicians are able to deliver on the quality and precision necessary to meet each client’s needs.

4-axis CNC machining
Computer Numerical Controlled – CNC – machining offers digital precision in the production of parts. Simpler parts can be effectively and accurately produced using 3-axis machining, which allows cutting tools to operate simultaneously along three separate axes. However, in some instances, particularly in more complex industries such as aviation construction, higher levels of complexity are required. In such situations, 4 or 5-axis machines offer additional precision and detail.

4-axis machining is appropriate in instances where complex drilling and milling is necessary alongside high quality and precision. 4-axis CNC machining allows for the machined part to be rotated, which in turn means that more detailed shapes and angles can be cut on every surface that can be made available by the rotation along the fourth axis.

A range of materials
At Lamsco West, Inc., we offer clients the full range of services that they may require, from design and production through to finish. All of the detailed parts in our portfolio can be tailored and reproduced in a range of metal and non-metallic materials depending on the client’s needs. Our skilled technicians assist clients in selecting the most appropriate specifications, materials and finishes to ensure that the final product performs well and is created to withstand the extreme environments typical of the aerospace industry. Regardless of the size or complexity of a client’s order, we pride ourselves in getting the highest quality products to their warehouse or production line in good time, without compromising on quality.

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