3D Laser Scanning

At Lamsco West, Inc., our full spectrum of capabilities, from manufacturing to 3D laser scanning services, enable us to deliver on quality, value and precision.
There is no room for compromise in the aerospace industry; at Lamsco West, Inc., our in-house capabilities ensure that we produce all products with maximum precision. 3D laser scanning helps us to do so.
3D inspection is widely used during every phase of aircraft manufacturing, from development and design through to component manufacturing, assembly, testing and repair Lamsco West, Inc’s technologies offer a range of 3D scanning services to identify and overcome potential issues.

Unrivalled precision
Via 3D scanning, we are able to achieve accurate resolution results in the analysis of small and large aerospace parts. As well as high levels of precision, in comparison to contact measurement, 3D laser scanning offers increased flexibility alongside speed, easily obtaining the full specifications of even the most complex surfaces.

Application of 3D scanners
With their flexibility and versatility, 3D scanners are deployed for a host of uses. In terms of repair and maintenance, they allow for the accurate appraisal of component parts, saving time and resources via wear and tear analysis, inspection of repair work and measurement of objects that need to be replaced or repaired. On the production line, 3D scanners can be utilized in virtual assemblies to ascertain the accuracy of a design and the spatial interaction of component parts, thereby allowing for the timely identification of spatial issues and appropriate modifications without expending unnecessary resources. 3D scanning is also a valued resource for reverse engineering; laser scanning allows technicians to obtain precise data on components, which can then be replicated via CAD, allowing for precise replication of components and assemblies as required.

At Lamsco West, Inc., we are proud of our reputation as global leaders in the production of aerospace components and assemblies. No matter how big or small an order, we strive to achieve the high standards for which we are renowned, every time.

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