Conventional Milling

At Lamsco West, Inc., we are proud to offer clients across the globe with a range of services, including CNC and conventional milling.
As part of the Avantus Aerospace Group, and as the world’s largest producer of shims and laminated shim stock, we are committed to innovation in our pursuit of outstanding quality. This includes considerable investment not only in technology, but in our staff.

Milling involves cutting or drilling materials for component parts at numerous different angles. Mill blades rotate and twist in several directions to shape the original material as needed. At Lamsco West, Inc., we offer conventional milling services as well as 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC milling services, with capacity to machine components up to 120” in length.

Conventional milling versus CNC milling
CNC – or computer numeric controlled – milling involves the programming of a computer to control the mill. Design specifications are programmed into CAD and CADCAM technology, which is then used in a predominantly automated process to accurately manufacture parts. CNC milling offers high levels of accuracy and is a highly repeatable process, allowing for bulk orders to be produced without deviation from the original designs. For many instances, 3-axis machining is adequate, however in instances where high levels of detail, complex geometries or detailed curvatures are required, 4 or 5-axis CNC mills may be utilized.

Conventional milling is operated by skilled technicians and requires a higher level of skills and experience in order to achieve high levels of accuracy. While CNC milling is effective for large, repeatable runs, the initial set-up costs can make the process prohibitively expensive if one-off, prototype or small-scale orders are required. So, for prototyping or custom projects, we offer conventional milling services, operated by skilled operatives who call upon their extensive experience to offer a world-class service.

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