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Lamsco West, Inc. offers a one-stop-shop for our customers, and can provide detailed metallic parts in a highly cost-effective, efficient way.

Detailed metallic parts
With our considerable experience in the aerospace industry, Lamsco West, Inc. has the expertise to produce a comprehensive portfolio of detailed metallic parts, ranging in complexity from basic to medium. We supply all the leading aircraft manufacturers globally, giving us an excellent understanding of the stringent demands for both quality and safety across the industry. Our expert engineers and technicians liaise closely with all our customers, to ensure that the detailed metallic parts that we manufacture are precisely tailored to their exact needs.

Cutting and forming metal
At Lamsco West, Inc., we have an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to select the optimum processes to achieve the required geometries and designs for our detailed metallic parts. These include water jet and brake press as well as CNC milling, routing, blanking and forming. These enable us to produce extremely precise components that have high levels of fidelity to the design specification, as well as high levels of repeatability. The range of cold forming technologies that we utilize ensures that are able to meet or exceed the expectations of all our clients in terms of quality and performance.

Our expertise in logistics
In addition to manufacturing a range of aircraft components, Lamsco is able to support our customers in reducing supply chain complications. We are able to manage orders of up to 10,000 items in one delivery, whilst also having the close, responsive relationships with our customers that mean we can be partners in supporting with small, bespoke projects and ensuring that they are cost-effective. Among the technologies that we have invested in is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)-controlled min/max systems, which help ensure that we always have the necessary parts available for the manufacture of the detailed metallic parts required by our customers.

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