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At Lamsco West, Inc., our market position as the leading global supplier of C-class components for the aerospace industry is built on our reputation for the quality manufacture of a wide range of non-metallic parts
Each specific airframe environment will present unique environmental stressors, and for reasons of safety and performance, it is critical that the material used in all aircraft parts is able to withstand these stressors. Non-metallic components can often provide the optimal combination of resistance, performance and cost-effectiveness. At Lamsco West, Inc., our teams of engineers and technicians are able to advise our customers on which materials would be the most appropriate to use, from a range of options.

Plastic products
Lightweight and inexpensive as a material, plastic is highly appropriate for use in areas where electrical or thermal insulation is a requirement. It also has the benefit of being resistant to humidity and moisture.

Rubber products
Rubber is resistant to low temperatures as well as to tearing and abrasion, making it highly appropriate for use in a range of contexts. It is also able to effectively absorb vibration, shock and noise. However, due to its compressibility, it is not advised to use rubber in areas where rigidity is essential. Equally, it should not be the material of choice for environments that are exposed to high levels of ozone or UV light, as it is prone to corrosion by these elements.

Nylon products
Nylon has the advantage of being durable and strong, making it resistant to abrasion or to knocks. Easy to manufacture, it is also a cost-effective option.  

Composite products
The advantages of composite materials include the ability to combine material properties in ways that are specific to resisting particular stressors encountered. They are typically able to resist humidity and a range of other stressors, as well as providing both thermal and electrical insulation. Composites can initially be more costly to manufacture, but the cost-benefit analysis of using them can result in them being an excellent choice for some more challenging environments. 

The expert teams at Lamsco West, Inc.
At Lamsco West, Inc., we pride ourselves on our highly trained and expert staff. They are empowered to work directly with our customers, using their experience to identify innovative solutions to your airframe production conundrums.
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