As the world’s largest producer of shims and detailed parts, Lamsco West, Inc. is perfectly placed to meet clients’ diverse taper manufacturing needs.
Used for securing two components, tapers are commonly used in engineering and machinery manufacture. The conical male part fits into the female counterpart with a matching angle; the components are then held into place by friction. In some cases, the male or female parts are integral parts of a larger component.

A range of metal and non-metal tapers
There are many advantages to using a taper in engineering and machinery manufacture. Tapers are quick and easy to release, versatile and highly repeatable, allowing for mass production and a range of applications within the aerospace and defense industries. With a choice of metals, such as titanium, beryllium copper or steel tapers, or custom tapers crafted from non-metals, clients are able to ensure that their taper order is specifically designed to meet their needs in terms of function as well as durability.

Tapers come in several forms; in addition to the standard, smooth, conical taper, in instances when heavy loads or high vibration levels are involved, a key or a threaded section which allows a screw or drill bar to be inserted, thereby holding the shank firmly in place.

Custom tapers
At Lamsco West, Inc. we offer a full range of standard tapers, each of which can be adjusted to meet our clients’ needs. Simple modifications to standard tapers include dimensions of the minor and major diameters (the narrow and broad ends of the taper), and the length of the taper. Self-holding tapers commonly have either a tang, threaded or flat end, depending on the requirements for holding and removing the component parts. Additional adjustments include thread size, coatings and material; these modifications will be recommended by Lamsco West, Inc’s skilled team of technicians based on each client’s requirements.
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