Laminated Sheet

Lamsco West, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers worldwide to the aerospace industry and produces laminated sheets to the highest quality standards.
An essential primary component of aircraft manufacture, our high levels of skill and our extensive equipment mean that we produce sheet metal that is finished in a such a way that imperfections are removed.
Laminated sheet
Laminated sheet metal is an essential component in the construction of all aircraft.  At Lamsco West, Inc., we are able to machine and finish sheets made from a variety of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium and beryllium copper. This can then be blanked, formed, cut or detailed to meet the precise needs of our customers. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to utilize a range of processes in-house, which has the effect of reducing the complexity of our customers’ supply chains.
Range of equipment
Our equipment includes CNC milling, routing and turning, as well as drilling. We also have water jet cutting technology, which enables speed and precision without any material compromises resulting from heat. We also have brake press capability, which enables us to manufacture sheet metal products accurately, without detracting from the strength of the material in any way.
Finishing sheet metal
We are able to use a number of techniques for finishing sheet metal products to ensure that they arrive at your factory floor in perfect condition, with no burrs or other imperfections.  We have the capacity to deploy grit blasting, surface grinding, buffing, and polishing across our range of laminated sheet metal products. This enables our customers to select the degree of finish required for their specific project. Polishing, for example, is often deployed where imperfections need to be eliminated from a safety but also from an aesthetic viewpoint, if the components or sheets are visible to the public. Our engineers and technicians are available for consultation on any issue that may arise for using sheet metal products in varying airframe environments.
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