At Lamsco West, Inc., our highly qualified engineers and our extensive equipment allow us to manufacture clips for the aerospace industry with a high degree of precision, meeting our customers’ exact specifications.
Clips are used throughout the aircraft and the manufacturing process in a variety of ways. A crucial part of aircraft safety, as well as facilitating transport of a host of products, clips are small, low-cost but high specification parts. As a consequence, it is essential that they are manufactured to stringent quality control standards. Lamsco West, Inc, with our detailed understanding of the aerospace industry, are well-placed to provide the quality clips that you need at an extremely cost-effective price.
Lamsco West, Inc’s extensive manufacturing capacity
As one of the global leaders in producing C-class components for the aerospace industry, Lamsco West, Inc. has the engineering capacity to manufacture clips from a wide range of materials and in a varied degree of complex shapes and geometries, to meet our customers’ needs. We are able to work with all the metals deployed in the aerospace industry, including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon steel, beryllium copper and the “super alloy” Inconel. We also manufacture clips from non-metal material such as nylon, polyimide, fiberglass and phenolic. As the performance of the clip, which is frequently safety-critical, is highly dependent on the material from which it is constructed, our skilled engineers work closely with our customers to ensure that we fully understand their requirements, and are able to advise them on which would be the most appropriate material to use.
Lamsco West, Inc’s outstanding customer service
Lamsco West, Inc. manufactures clips for customers across the globe, including the leading OEMs in the industry, as well as smaller clients. We understand our customers’ needs to consolidate their supply chains, and offer in-house design, production and finishing, so that you get your clips manufactured to a high-quality standard from us with greatly reduced lead times and costs. Our precision clips are products that are consistent and highly repeatable, and enable you to simplify your production line processes.
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