Lamsco West, Inc. is more than a simple supplier of C-class airframe components.  We are your partners in the production process, working to ensure the success of our clients. 
Our assemblies, tailor-made for your precise needs, are one example of how we add value to your business.

Customer service is at the core of the professional culture at Lamsco West, Inc. One of the largest suppliers of airframe parts globally, we also produce assembles according to our clients’ exact specifications. This has the advantage of simplifying your production line processes by reducing the number of individual components that have to be assembled, as well as speeding up your manufacturing operations. With our state-of-the-art equipment and our highly trained employees, who are empowered to constantly innovate, we are perfectly placed to produce the assemblies that you need. We have a wide range of CAD and CADCAM processes that enable us to efficiently manufacture and inspect a range of components, including both 2D and 3D detailed items. Additionally, with our focus on cutting costs and reducing lead times, our customers are able to rely on us to deliver their airframe assemblies on-schedule.
Assembly process
We process the component parts using our wide range of in-house technologies, which include CNC sheet metal bending, forming, machining and blanking.  We then assemble all the required parts to our customers’ exact specifications, using a range of techniques which can include riveting or fastening. Typical assemblies may include clip assemblies, click bond assemblies or hybrid assemblies; equally, we are able to produce bespoke assemblies for our customers’ individual projects.  We have a lean manufacturing approach, which ensures that we are as effective and cost-efficient as possible, enabling us to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
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