Lamsco West, Inc. team members welcome the arrival of Lamsco’s latest Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Boeing named its 2019 Supplier of the Year Award winners earlier this year, at which time Lamsco was awarded the Silver level of award. 

Lamsco team members were delighted to receive the physical award this month.

Says Lamsco President, Cesar Porras, “This award belongs to our team members, in all departments, across our entire business and they are delighted to have received this well-earned recognition.  It takes joined up teamwork to make Lamsco the exceptional business it is, and I want to personally thank every Lamsco team member for their exceptional and continuing contribution to our success.

 “The award letter we received from Boeing said that ‘Performance excellence is fundamental to the success of both our companiesand this could not be more true. Lamsco strives in everything we do, to deliver to the very highest standards of performance and to exceed our customers’ expectations, whilst remaining competitive in the global economy. 

This is the 12th Silver Award we have received from Boeing in 13 years and we are honoured to be a strategic supplier to Boeing and to serve Boeing now and as we have for the past 59 years”.
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