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Min/Max Inventory Management

With our min/max inventory management solution, we are able to guarantee 100% parts availability for our customers.
As the world’s largest producer of detailed parts, shims and laminated shim stock, we have an in-depth understanding of the product needs of our clients. We also know the cost implications of stock shortages and production stoppages. Our min/max inventory management solutions remove the burden of managing stock across warehouses and production lines, ensuring that stock is available where it is needed, when it is needed.

Min/max inventory management
Min/max inventory management is a reordering process that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. The process integrates with inventory management software, triggering a reordering process when a pre-ordained “min” level of stock is reached, and running production until the designated “max” is attained. The difference between the minimum and the maximum is known as the EOQ (Economic Order Quantity).

There are several benefits to utilizing a min/max inventory system, which allows optimal levels of stock to be held, thereby reducing the need for excessive stock storage or inadequate stock to meet production activities. Although incredibly simple, the system is versatile as the minimum and maximum levels can be altered according to changing demand. 

Automated processes
Lamsco West, Inc’s automated process requires minimal labor resources and enables us to assume complete provisioning responsibility for clients’ orders, regardless of size. As well as alerting us when clients’ minimum levels are reached, our comprehensive system enables us to secure materials needed to support demand and maintains a record of all transactions.

By working closely with each client and calling upon extensive experience manufacturing parts for the aerospace and defense industries, Lamsco West, Inc’s skilled engineers and technicians call upon dynamic capabilities to advise on the most appropriate min and max levels, based on lead times, EOQ and any other external factors that may affect the ordering process. 

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