Technical Operations

Direct Line Feed

At Lamsco West, Inc., we are committed to ensuring that clients across the globe have access to the component parts that they need, when they need them.
As the world’s largest producer of shims and laminated shim assemblies, we work closely with clients to promote streamlined operations within the warehouse and production line, as well as unrivalled quality in the field. Direct Line Feed – or DLF – is a production method which effectively drip feeds products to the production line, reducing stoppages and shortages without the need to hold massive inventories.

Industry leading vending solution
As part of the Avantus Aerospace Group, we alongside our sibling organizations in the US, UK, Europe and Mexico are proud to be known as leaders in providing composite and C-class components and logistics solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. This is in part due to our commitment to innovation and excellence at every turn, from design through to dispatch.

Lamsco West, Inc’s Direct Line Feed is operated by an innovative vending solution, which sees vending machines located at numerous convenient locations throughout the shop floor. When technicians require parts, they can access them quickly and easily, saving time without necessitating large volumes of components being stored around the production line.

We are aware of fluctuating stock and we utilize an electronically controlled barcode system to track the movement of parts as well as inventory levels, reacting accordingly to ensure that the vending machines are replenished as required.

Unrivalled customer service
Our commitment is to our customers. We strive to provide them with a service that exceeds their expectations while meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defense industries. Our continuing search for innovation extends beyond delivering high quality, precision crafted component parts, to providing methods by which clients can operate seamlessly with minimal interruption.

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