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CAD & Catia

By utilizing CAD CATIA software, Lamsco West, Inc’s technicians are able to precision produce detailed parts designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.
When it comes to aerospace manufacture and construction, precision is key. There is no room for compromise and no margin for error; the final product is as strong as its weakest component part. CAD (Computer Aided Design), alongside CNC, (Computer Numerical Control) play central roles in ensuring precision in both large and small-scale productions.

Even the most recent technology is only as good as its software, which is why we have a continual commitment to investing in the latest capabilities and training our teams so that they may deliver the leading service for which Lamsco are known. The use of CATIA – Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application allows large-scale operations to be performed with ease and at speed, without compromising on accuracy or quality. CATIA is a leading solution for enhanced product design and experience, which allows engineers create any product and model its behavior and interactions in the real world.  Lamsco West, Inc’s 3D CAD CATIA modelling services are invaluable in the aerospace industry for prototyping, as well as accurately replicating even the most complex assemblies.

A streamlined process
In order to achieve optimal results, prototypes often require minor changes. CAD CATIA allows for updates to existing designs, without the requirement to input the original data, thereby saving time and allowing for a progressive design approach. Because CATIA software has the capability to manage multi-part assemblies, at Lamsco West, Inc. we are able to analyze and reproduce detailed parts with even the most complex geometrical configurations.

Outstanding customer service
People are at the center of everything we do; we value our staff and invest in their development which, in turn, allows us to offer unrivalled customer service. Our skilled teams work closely with clients of all sizes to precision craft detailed parts designed to meet our clients’ requirements as well as those of the industry.

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