Waterjet Cutting

At our state-of-the-art facilities in California, we boast a range of cutting edge machinery that allows us to provide customers across the globe with unrivalled manufacturing services.

As part of the Avantus Aerospace Group, at Lamsco West, Inc., we are proud to be the World’s largest producer of detailed parts, shims and laminated shim stock. Our extensive production capabilities include waterjet cutting using machines with a bed size of up to 120” x 60”.

Cutting edge technology

The Aerospace and Defense industries demand unrivalled quality and performance. Technology is ever-changing and we have to stay abreast of the latest developments so that we can offer customers the best quality available. As part of our commitment to deliver unrivalled quality and service, we continually invest in innovations and training. Our machining capabilities include a range of 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines, routers, presses, waterjets and more.

Waterjet cutting

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) waterjet cutting is a popular choice within the aerospace industry as it offers high degrees of precision, but the lack of Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) means that internal structure of an object is not compromised by the cutting process. The process involves utilizing a high-pressure water jet which, combined with an abrasive substance, provides a clean, accurate cut. Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting and detailing a range of sheet metals and non-metals including brass, titanium, aluminum, plastics and polyimides, offering a broad range of choice in terms of strength, conduction, strength and corrosion resistance.

Waterjet cutting can be undertaken conventionally (operated by a technician) or via CNC machining. Conventional waterjet cutting may be suitable for simple, small, one-off production runs, however if more detail, larger scale orders and high levels of repeatability are required, CNC waterjet cutting is strongly recommended.

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