Sheet Metal Trim

Trusted by aerospace and defense leaders across the globe, at Lamsco West, Inc. we are leaders in the manufacturing of component parts and assemblies, designed to withstand the rigors of the industry while meeting customers’ needs in terms of both function and aesthetics.
When it comes to aerospace and defense, precision doesn’t just apply to the engineering, it applies to the finish, too. Sheet metal trims serve a range of functions; they can seal joins and protect components and prevent snagging or catching, but they can also improve aesthetics, particularly in the commercial aerospace industry. 

With both functional and decorative purposes, it is important that sheet metal trims are manufactured to the same high standards as every other component part. Our skilled technicians and engineers call upon their extensive skillsets and state of the art technology to design and manufacture sheet metal trims and assemblies designed to fulfill the needs of the customer and the requirements of the industry.

Industry approved standards and internal QA systems
At Lamsco West, Inc., we know the importance of outstanding quality standards in every element of the aircraft manufacturing process. We hold the latest ISO9001 and AS9100 accreditations and environmental standard ISO14001. 

Our comprehensive in-house quality assurance processes enable us to offer a streamlined process to clients, with minimal stoppages and wastage, without compromising on quality. Our standard approach is to regularly inspect components at intervals of the manufacturing process, with a final check before each batch leaves our facilities. The tests we undertake include metallurgical testing, to identify critical characteristics such as tensile strength, hardness and shear. By taking this approach, we are able to identify potential anomalies at the earliest point possible and make necessary amendments to avoid compromised quality of components.

At Lamsco West, Inc., we are proud to work with industry leaders, providing them with detailed parts, shims and assemblies, including sheet metal detail and sheet metal trim, designed to exceed their expectations while meeting industry requirements. 

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