Metal Forming

Lamsco West, Inc’s metal forming manufacturing services are designed to ensure that all clients’ sheet metal detail products are produced to the highest of standards.
Our decades of skill and experience mean that we manufacture a comprehensive range of products to meet clients’ requirements. Our engineers work closely with each customer, including worldwide leaders in airframe design and manufacture, to ensure that we tailor our products to their exact specifications.

State of the art technology
Technology is always evolving and in order to remain global leaders in the production of aerospace components, we are committed to ongoing invest in technology as well as the training of our skilled teams. We have access to a full range of machines and production methods including 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines, 3D printing, presses and lathes. The scale of production facilities, range of methods available to us and extensive teams of skilled technicians and engineers enable us to offer a streamlined, end-to-end service, without compromising on quality, regardless off increasing levels of demand for our services.

Cutting and forming sheet metal
Using our high quality equipment, at Lamsco West, Inc. our engineers can select from a number of cutting and forming processes in order to deliver sheet metal detail that our customers require for all their aircraft construction needs. 

Formed, bonded and rivetted assemblies
Experts in manufacturing formed, bonded and rivetted assemblies, at Lamsco West, Inc. we can choose the most appropriate cold forming technology in order to make sure we meet our customers’ precise specifications.

Custom metal forming services
Our technicians work closely with each client to ensure that the correct product specifications, materials, finish and manufacturing processes are utilized for optimal effect. We primarily use stainless steel and aluminum materials to manufacture sheet metal detail products to the exact requirements of our customers. With our significant experience and our cutting-edge manufacturing capability, we can undertake both well-established as well as novel production processes with a fast turnaround time.

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