Our kitting solutions are unrivalled in flexibility and precision, designed to meet our customers’ needs as well as industry requirements.

The benefits of kitting
Rather than receiving multiple orders that will be used together, kitting, improves efficiency by compiling the full range of discrete items that will be used within a single production process into one “kit”, which can then be processed as a single SKU. By employing kitting services, you can reduce the resources required for kitting in warehouse as well as reducing wastage.

Kitting and assembly
Kitting and assembly are often used as interchangeable terms, but there is a subtle difference. Kitting refers to a range of products that are commonly used together so shipped as a full “kit”. Assembly, meanwhile, refers to the physical process of putting the items together ready to be shipped as one bundle.

Tailored kitting services
At Lamsco West, Inc., we are experienced in processing high-volume, high- mix orders. Using our industry-leading ERP system, we are able to operate to high standards, which is why our customers continue to entrust us with their operations. We call upon our extensive expertise to continue to expand our range of kitting services, detecting rising trends and needs to offer kitting solutions. In order to ensure parts availability and reduce time wasted due to limited parts availability, as well as including our own parts and products in our kitting solutions, we are also able to incorporate products from other suppliers in our bespoke kits.

By engaging our kitting services, clients can choose packaging, delivery and kitting specifications to meet their needs, enabling them to ensure streamlined services while saving time and money on multiple handling and wasted products.

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