At Lamsco West, Inc. we are proud to offer the full spectrum of high quality aerospace detailed part manufacturing services, including metal boring.
We are committed to delivering high quality consistently throughout the product lifecycle, from design to finish and are experienced in meeting the high demands of the aerospace and military industries with our extensive metal boring capabilities.

Boring manufacturing services
As part of the Avantus Group, we are committed to innovation and excellence in everything that we do. Our boring capabilities extend to boring blind holes and thru holes of specified sizes in a full range of metal and non-metallic materials, including aluminum, beryllium copper, stainless steel, ceramics, Teflon and titanium.

Cutting edge technology
At our state-of-the-art facility in California, we continue to invest in the latest technology, which enables us to provide boring services for a range of diameters, tolerances and finishes to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our Just In Time operating model allows is to offer cost-effective bore manufacturing solutions, while our in-house quality assurance processes allow us to offer additional cost and time savings for clients.

Dedicated fast-track cell
Our technicians and engineers strive to support customers to ensure that they have the parts they need, when they need them. However, we understand that, sometimes, the unexpected happens and low volume parts are required urgently. Our dedicated fast-track cell with its own state of the art technologies and skilled teams offers rapid turnaround for low volume parts, with lead times ranging from 24 hours to under ten weeks.

A tailored service
With extensive experience working with global leaders in the aviation and military industries, our skilled teams of engineers and technicians are adept at providing each client with products designed to meet their specific requirements. As such, they will advise on the most appropriate materials, production processes and finishes to fulfill the client’s needs and industry standards.

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