5 Axis Machining

At Lamsco West, Inc. our extensive in-house capabilities allow us to achieve high levels of accuracy in the production of detailed parts and shims designed to meet the rigors of the aviation industry.
CNC machining allows for the accurate and efficient machining of component parts via the transmission of exact information from a computer which controls multiple cutting tools.

High levels of accuracy
5-axis machining is of particular value to the aerospace industry where speed, precision and tight tolerances are typical.

While all 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines offer precise and efficient production capabilities, the increased number of axes offer added capacity to create fine detail. 3-axis machines operate cutting tools which can move independently along three separate axes. 4-axis machining offers additional capacity for detail by providing a fourth axis, upon with the part rotates, so that the cutting machines can access more surfaces. While 4-axis machining offers rotation on a set axis, 5-axis machining offers free rotation, which means the machined part can be moved freely at any angle, allowing for high standards of detail alongside the precision and speed usually associated with CNC machining.

Dedicated fast-track cell
While planning for potential demands in the future is a core element of aerospace manufacturing, it is not always possible to predict future needs. Our dedicated fast-track cell has its own footprint, team and equipment, to ensure optimal turnaround for complex, low-volume parts to help clients approach unexpected situations effectively. The fast-track cell boasts a dedicated team as well as a range of capabilities including dedicated 5-axis CNC machining.
As part of Avantus Aerospace, our customer-centric approach demands innovation and excellence; this extends beyond investing in technology and resources to ensuring that our outstanding teams are empowered to deliver creative solutions and invested in to ensure their continued wellbeing and professional development. It is this focus on our people that enables us to deliver outstanding value to global customers.  

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