The Company

Lamsco West, Inc. is a premier manufacturer for Aerospace and Defense structural detail parts, assemblies, shims, laminated shim stock and value added services.

Lamsco West, Inc. has been in business since 1961 and has built up an impressive track record of outstanding customer performance.

We have a modern purpose built factory with strong technical and program management teams to ensure strong new product industrialization and an integrated production system for on-time delivery and excellent quality. Our products include:
  • Shims: solid and laminated shim, tapered shims and fillers
  • Detail parts:  CNC machined 3 & 5 axis and sheet metal, doublers, stiffeners, splice plates, angles, brackets, washers, machined extrusions, clips, CNC and stamped flat pattern, and other precision metallic and non-metallic components
  • Assemblies:  simple to specialized assemblies including nutplates
  • Vertically intergrated shim stock and composites materials: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, bass, phenolic, carbon fiber, fiber glass, and polyimide panels and laminated stock
  • Value Added Service: Min/max management, kitting, JIT, DLF and vending.
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